Info: Is The Abyss shutting down?

Many of you have questions; What, how, why? At the moment we’re rolling until we’re not – we do not have a time frame as of now – but we don’t outrule the possibility to relocate.

We were supposed to shut down in September 2023 – but will continue to operate during the year of 2024. However, the situation is difficult and in many ways not “sustainable” due to the inflation and ongoing cost increases.

There were some circumstantial changes in the decision not to close. Besides not finding the right buyer, people have shown us their support and given us the wind in our sails to continue.

We recieved overwhelming response from people both locally and worldwide, stating that we need to do everything in our power to remain.

We’re still here for the Heavy Metal Scene, music lovers and our friends! We are continuing doing what we’ve been doing for these past 7, soon 8, years with many upcoming events on the horizon; shows, djs, quizzes etc.

The Abyss means a lot to many. This got very clear when we announced closing down. It’s a rare place, one of a kind. With pride, we can say that many likeminded people have met in this place and formed best friendships or relationships – we’ve even witnessed engagements, marriages and kids.

I believe firmly that Gothenburg deserves and needs a place like The Abyss! Hence we will continue fighting to sustain.

Maja, The Abyss

We got contacted by Göteborgs-Posten to explain our situation and Maja agreed to an interview as everyone should know what’s going on a wide scale.

We have cut costs on all fronts; from staff to accounting costs, and are doing as much as possible to continue. We do not outrule the possibility to relocate when the time is right.

But the fact still remains that there are abnormal increases in everyday costs – which are making it difficult for small businesses to survive. Examples of these expenses are;

  • Successive price increases for food, beverage, eletricity, rent and taxes
  • Annual cost for the serving permit increases by ~ 56%
  • Garbage disposal costs and heating costs increases by 13%
  • Monthly cost for the outdoor seating/serving permit increases by ~ 58%

Therefore, now, we plan “from day to day” and we’ll see what the future brings!

Hope the next year brings more prosperity and happiness to all.

As always: Thank you for the support, thank you for being Heavy and keeping Metal alive! STAY HEAVY!