Into The Abyss – film documentary screening – 7th August

The Abyss - Into The Abyss: Film Documentary - Screening 7th August 2019

Every year, audiences from all over the world are attracted to Gothenburg and The Abyss Festival – a tribute to the underground scene in metal.

See Full Documentary here!

This year, the festival collaborated with Gothenburg city and 11 young people, who created the documentary Into The Abyss. The film is a journey, from stage building to last riff, with live pictures, interviews and a very devoted audience.

Kulturlagret are proud to show the documentary, “Into The Abyss”, during the Gothenburg Culture Festival. The place is Bio Roy and the date August 7th.
The event is free and we are terribly stoked about this! So now we are looking to jointly fill the cinema’s near 300 seats.

Information about how to get tickets will be available soon.

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