“Into The Abyss” is now online!!!

The Abyss - Into The Abyss: A Film Documentary - Now Online!!

Kulturlagret’s documentary about The Abyss Festival, in Gothenburg, Sweden, March 2019. They had 11 youths that put their heart and soul into this film and it shows.

The project is made for educational purposes under Gothenburg City, and is in thus a non profit organisation. No parts of the filming or photography will be sold or used for commercial use.

The film features the following bands; Tormentor, Sodom, Primordial, Grim Reaper, Malokarpatan, Primordial, Black Viper, Root, Quartz, Antichrist, Chevalier, Iron Angel, Satan, Demon, Rapid, Divlje Jagode, Alien Force, Aura Noir.

Besides all the great bands the film is about the metal community and it’s dedicated fans.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all the bands and everyone who made this possible!! Enjoy!!

NTI Mediegymnasiet