Save The Abyss Metalbar in Gothenburg

The Abyss Bar Gothenburg Sweden Icon

The Covid-19 pandemic has not only taken lives, created paranoia and panic, it has also devastated the bar and music venue scene all around the world. The Abyss is also critically affected by it and is now on the very brink of extinction. Lots of customers (even healthy young ones) have stayed away in self-quarantine and the income has plummeted.


Currently they earn in one whole week what they normally made in in one busy Friday or Saturday night before the outbreak. The government of Sweden has been hinting at issuing some financial aid for small businesses but it will be too little too late at this rate. This situation is especially disastrous since The Abyss pays invoices retroactively; invoices from before the pandemic outbreak has to be paid with the next to no earnings they get now. 

The Future: The Abyss’ dire situation is unfortunately not unique in these trying times…but The Abyss’ existence in itself is unique, and together we can help to keep it that way. So if you feel heavyhearted by the thought of Gothenburg without The Abyss, if you’ve ever visited a great show there, if you’ve ever had a really good time there or if you want to visit in the future but haven’t had the chance yet; please lend them a hand. No amount of help is too small; every donation no matter what size is felt deeply in the hearts of The Abyss’ crew. 

“United, united, united we stand 
United we never shall fall 
United, united, united we stand 
United we stand one and all.” 
Judas Priest 

– Mathias Larsson