From the 1st of October we will be the sole owners of our Heavy Metal Haven, The Abyss

The Abyss - Festival Thank You

After nearly 2.5 year of waiting to take over The Abyss, it is safe to say we are finally there.

There are no words that can express our gratitude for all of your support. In no particular order we feel we should mention a few of the considerable people that helped get us over the line.

To the bands that donated their considerable talent and time and played shows in The Abyss and gave us records and shirts your generosity will never be forgotten. All of the bands that played the Festival, the journies from Norway, Germany, England, Denamark and of course Sweden (East and West coast!) just to save our lil pub was humbling and we all are eternally grateful. Most of all, to you our patrons that have supported us from day one and the folks from from around the world -from Japan to California- that came to our Festival, supported not only us by attending but also bought shirts and merch from the bands – We Salute You!

Special thanks goes out to all 55 volunteers that worked tirelessly for 24 hours over the 2 day festival. Many thanks to Dunderbjörn and Graham for hard and amazing work with stage setting and all other tasks. Hell Produktions for providing lights, PA system and sound technicians. Paul for current website and for the festival video that we all loved, Jonas for the graphic design and hooking us all up with cool backstage passes and wristbands et al. Charnelle Störher for the incredible photos of The Underground Festival. Ida and her father for printing posters and flyers. Lene and Mikael for endless hours with bureaucratic jargon. Johanna for festival website and all chilli nuts and other spicy specialties. Madde and Anton for beeing there from day one and still helping in various ways including new festival. Massive gratitude to Magnus for many amazing posters decorating our walls. The Abyss would not be the same without him. Mathias, Jarno and Tysken for The Abyss Quiz. Thomas for demolition of On Stage interior and building the Abyss with us. We could never open the place in time without you!!!

Huge thank you goes to the best workers out Abyss team: Jocke, Linkan, Tom, Ian and all extra helpers over the time. Petrus, Martin and Linni for bookings.

Last but not least, eternal hails to Fenriz and Darkthrone for letting us use “I Am The Grave of the 80s” as our anthem to the Festival. UGHHHH!!!

We are sure that we are missing many, many more names that deserve to be mentioned but we do acknowledge all and everyone. We do thank each and everyone, as mentioned above, with endless gratitude.