The Abyssian Summer: 8 years of Heavy Existence!

This summer The Abyss turns 8 years old, and we’ll be celebrating for 2 weeks between 7th and 16th of June!

As part of the celebration, there will be four gigs with free entrance, free snacks, DJ’s and some giveaway stuff. More info will come!

May 29th: Muskelrock Pre Party


June 1st: Divlje Jagode

These pioneers of the heavy metal genre in Bosnia-Herzegovina / Yugoslavia in the 70’s, will give you one of the most inimate gigs ever for decades!

June 2nd: Doug Blair (W.A.S.P.) & Micke Holm (S.O.R.M.)

Intimate show with a myriad of acoustic and double neck electric/acoustic guitar styling along with a healthy dose of both Guitar Geek and Guitar God!

8th anniversary gig: June 7th


Want to play? Contact us

8th anniversary gig: June 8th


Want to play? Contact us

8th anniversary gig: June 14th

ACE/DASE – The ultimate AC/DC Tribute

8th anniversary gig: June 15th

Monsterhead – Sweden’s best Motörhead tribute band

June 22th: Sabbat + Spasms

England has VENOM. Sweden has BATHORY. Japan has SABBAT! Japan’s legendary representatives of the Black metal genre, supported by Swedish raw heavy metal band Spasms.

July 10th: Raven + Battering Ram

Formed in 1975 and part of the NWOBHM, considered pioneers of speed and thrash metal – supported by hard beer rock Battering Ram.

July 13th: Pentagram (Chile)

The South American death/thrash carnage will land in EU territory, be prepared for the decimation!