The Abyssian Summer Part II

Summer’s still here, and here are some events to look forward to!

During July we’ll also have different opening hours than generally, to be seen below.

TuesdayOpen on occasion of gig
Wednesday & Thursday16:00 – 23:30/01:00*
Friday & Saturday16:00 – 01:30/02:00*
*gig nights

July 10th: Raven + Battering Ram

Formed in 1975 and part of the NWOBHM, considered pioneers of speed and thrash metal – supported by hard beer rock Battering Ram.

July 12th: Melodic Death Metal Night

Melodic Death Metal Night arranged by Metal Capitol, with the finalists and semi-finalists from Gothenburg Metal Championship 2024!

July 13th: Pentagram (Chile)

The South American death/thrash carnage will land in EU territory, be prepared for the decimation!

July 19th: Blodmärkt + Kattlik

Blodmärkt, the winners of Gothenburg Metal Championship 2024, comes to show us what charmed both audiences and jury. Support by championship contestants Kattlik.

July 20th: Pittman Cole

Rooted in 70’s and 80’s rock, delivering high energy songs interspersed with melodic choruses and progressive elements. Opened for Bonafide in March 2024.

July 26th: Female Fronted Metal Night

An all female fronted metal night with Hellgroove, Dahlia & Terra Black, arranged by Metal Capitol. It’ll be a mix of alternative metal/hard rock and stoner.

July 27th: Skräcken

Riffy hard rock with an occult feel and strong melodies, born in the dark deep forests of northern Dalarna.

(Almost) every Wednesday: Wednesday Quiz

Quiz about everything and nothing! Questions about big and small, present, past, the components of the cell and galaxies.

August 4th: Akhlys

US Oneiric Black Metal band AKHLYS return triumphant with six elaborate and exhilarating new tracks of pure Black Metal terror.

August 16th: Ulthar + Succumb

The unholy trio Ulthar offers their hybrid of technical death metal and ferocious black metal, together with San Francisco’s Succumb who plumbs the depths of modern death metal with primitive elegance.

August 29th: At War + Nervochaos + Tyranex

At War (US) – speed/thrash since ’83, joined by Nervochaos – brazilian chaotic death metal. Support from our local speed/thrash quartet Tyranex.