The time is ripe to reveal the (almost) complete line-up for The Abyss Festival 2020!!

The Abyss Festival 2020 - March 27-28

With this news, we are finally ready to show off the official poster for 2020!!

As the full line up is nearly complete- the grunts at Abyss dungeons are checking the paperwork and finalising the details- we at The Abyss Towers are excited to share the official artwork for The Abyss Festival 2020.

Executed by the supremely talented Sam D Larsson, we’re sure you’ll join us in our praise of his skills below. Be sure to check out and follow his Instagram and Facebook accounts too and he is available for all sorts of commissions. Eternal hails to you brother!

Additional graphics and layouts done by the equally talented Mr. Paul Wilkinson and none other than Jonas Svensson. Continued plaudits to you sirs.

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