Upcoming Festival & the return of The Abyss Quiz

Well met, brothers of metal and sisters of steel! These are dark days and there are many who struggle. But even in the darkest of times there is hope to be found, for the Underground is ALIVE! As long as we stand united, Metal will never surrender or be defeated!

Underground Resistance vol. 1

Heed this call to arms and join us on the field of battle as the metal war rages on. Welcome to UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE VOLUME 1!

The Abyss, Gothenburg
March 14–16
Tickets: via Tickster when all bands announced

The Abyss Quiz

Finally, the quiz is back. The ConQuiztadors will run the quiz on three occasions this spring:

  • 8 February
  • 28 March
  • 2 May

Of course, a lot of focus on metal and rock as usual.
We run at 19 – Book a table now!

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