Akhlys Live 4th of August @ The Abyss Gothenburg

The Abyss
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Following 2020’s widely-worshipped “Melinoë”, US Oneiric Black Metal band AKHLYS return triumphant with six elaborate and exhilarating new tracks of pure Black Metal terror.

“House of the Black Geminus” evokes abyssal nightmares, taking the listener through labyrinthine halls, shadowed corridors, cellars of dread, and attics of epiphany, as ordeal and ecstasy meet at the vertices where each beholds his own daemon – “House of the Black Geminus” will be released on the 5th of July through Debemur Morti Productions, so come see them on their summer tour through Europe and Scandinavia this year!

AKHLYS live in Bogota: