Clouds Taste Satanic (US) + Cities Of Mars (SE) – Live at The Abyss, Thursday 01.06

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The Abyss
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Göthenburg! Strap in your third eyes and don your space traveling gear for tomorrow night at The Abyss.

We welcome the kings of heavy instrumental stoner doom; Clouds Taste Satanic, all the way from New York, and Gothenburg’s own conceptually fuzzed out sci-fi doom dealers Cities of Mars.

All the riffs, Satan and space chug one needs in life in one place!

Only 150,- for a Thursday night full of heavy, stoney riffs? YES.
Come support the scene so we can continue doing what we do.
Doors at 19:00!

Clouds Taste Satanic (US)

Founded in Brooklyn New York in 2013, Clouds Taste Satanic have made it their calling card to meld the minimalist and heavy approach of bands such as Sleep and Earth with the instrumental and heavy approach of bands such as Pelican and Bongripper. 

In every year since, the band has released a new record and has taken great pains to both refine and expand their sound. With minimal lineup changes in their almost 10-year history, these prolific, post-doom instrumentalists have steadily built a reputation as one of the few truly great riff-heavy underground bands playing today, developing a unique sound that melds riff-dominated stoner rock, traditional doom, expansive space rock, and progressive metal. Their live shows have evolved into multi-sensory atmospheric displays, offering truly unique experiences and companions to their albums. 

Their tenth album, Tales of Demonic Possession, is out now on Majestic Mountain Records.


Cities of Mars (SE)

Cities of Mars combine heavy doom riffs with ambient soundscapes and haunting vocals.

Celebrating seven orbits around the sun as a band, Cities of Mars are an established Göthenburg outfit having made their mark in the international doom scene with their sludgy, prodgy, stoner flavoured, “cosmic doom.” Chronicling a continuing tale of a soviet astronaut, who whilst on a covert mission, discovers an ancient Martian City and spawning conspiracy theories that reach back to the dawn of humanity. The scope for a varied sonic palette, and general sci-fi themed progressive exploration all culminates into ambient, ethereal, and crushing doom. If this sounds like a journey that tickles your inner tinfoil hat as well as wets your sonic whistle, strap in, and accept the mission to join us on the 1st of June at The Abyss to witness Cities of Mars in action.


The Abyss