Domgård + Seid – Friday 10th January

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The Abyss
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The Abyss - Domgård + Seid - Friday 10th January 2020

We’ll kick the year 2020 off in the sign of evil, having two prominent Swedish black metal acts guesting The Abyss on Friday, January 10th.

Formed in 1997, DOMGÅRD is by now a name well established in the underground. The band’s fourth fullength, “Rót”, was unleashed upon the world in June and is yet another mighty work firmly rooted in a classic, melodic Scandinavian sound, with folky hints and plenty of atmosphere. The way we have gotten to know Domgård.
”The lyrical orientation of Domgård is deeply integrated with the ancient Scandinavian mythos, working as subconscious keys to open the door of hidden magic within the archetypical labyrinths of ourselves”
SEID, hailing from Stockholm and branding itself as Norse black metal, was formed as a lone wolf project in 2009 but is today a trio with three albums on its conscience. The latest one, “Ulv”, came earlier this year and as a late celebration of its release, Seid will at The Abyss perform its first ever live show!
“Philosophy of Seid oscillates around Old Norse sagas and beliefs, paganism, seiðr rituals and norse shamanism, runes, war and glory – all the best Swedish black metal has to offer”