Eternal Evil + Sarcator – Release Show: Live at The Abyss

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The Abyss
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Eternal Evil

Sweden’s most ruthless thrash metal practitioners are set to embark on a Scandinavian tour next year – backed by their new album “The Gates Beyond Mortality”.

With blistering riffs, thunderous drums and intense lyrical prowess, the band are cementing their reputation as one of the most tireless and electrifying acts in the genre.

“The Gates Beyond Mortality” marks a new chapter in Eternal Evil’s musical journey, showcasing their evolution while staying true to the roots that define the essence of thrash metal. The album captures the raw energy and aggression that fans have come to expect, enhanced by a newfound maturity and complexity in their songwriting. From the very first notes to the last, listeners are taken on a roller coaster of adrenaline-pumping intensity.


When Sarcator released their self-titled debut album in 2020, it took the metal underground scene by storm.

Their blackened Death/Thrash Metal enchanted listeners all over the world and before they knew it, the physical copies were sold out and the band was soon nominated by P3 Guld for “Best Swedish Metal Group”. Not bad for four guys, still of high school age.

Now get ready for the next awesome attack from this talented quartet. For fans of everything from first wave Black Metal to old fashioned German Thrash Metal.