BÜTCHER + GALLOWER + VENTHIAX + MIDNATT – Underground Resistance Festival

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The Abyss
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Ladies and gents, welcome to the Underground Resistance Festival: Volume 1 – a three day festival located @ The Abyss Bar in Gothenburg!

Up ’til January 31st, you get an Early Bird discount via Tickster – thereafter 3-day tickets are sold for 666 SEK.

Only 130 tickets available – hurry and get yours!

What happens when you forge classic speed metal on the anvil of wild thrash metal, and hammer it down with reckless abandon?

And what happens when you take that particular piece of glowing Steele and melt it into the same massive warhead where a mixture of occult and epic heavy metal, first wave black metal, and guitar leads of hard rocking magnificence are already nucleating to the point of destructive atomical power?

The answer to these questions is BÜTCHER – heavy blackened speed metal, influenced by the metal godz of olde.

GALLOWER is a Polish witching blackened thrash band formed in 2015, inspired by such bands as Destruction, Kreator, Sabbat (UK), Sodom, Mercyful Fate, Slayer and Venom.

The song lyrics are interlinked and take place in the dark and eponymously named land of Gallower – an unwelcoming place ravaged by the black death and populated by witches, necromancers and inquisitors. Don’t miss out on the debut album “Behold the Realm of Darkness” which was released on LP by Jawbreaker Records.

VENTHIAX is a speed/thrash metal trio formed early 2021 in the town of Huskvarna/Jönköping, Sweden.

The discography of VENTHIAX currently consists of the demo “Demon Attack” (2022), the live tape “Demon Attack in Huskvarna” (2022), and the self-titled EP “Venthiax” (2023). The underground is alive and VENTHIAX is the pure definition of what underground metal is all about!

Sweden’s most disgusting rock group is back!

With a new guitarist, new songs like Triumfen, Kom An!, Sfinxen and Marken Brinner, the band is ready to play live again. January 26th saw the release of a vinyl split, “Swedish Metal” with the capital’s Overture through Gates of Hell/Jawbreaker Records and the EP “Metalisk Hetta” got new life. A full-length is scheduled to be recorded for early summer, and the metallic heat is now hotter than ever. Beware!

Festival poster art by Sam D. Larsson, festival logo by Linn Jätze.