GAEREA + TAR Live at The Abyss 18.06.2023

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The Abyss
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In collaboration with Revival booking the mighty GAEREA will be live in Göthenburg on Sunday, 18.06.

The “UNDYING MIRAGE TOUR” will take Göthenburg by storm! Don’t miss this Sweden exclusive evening with Portugal’s elite of blast beats. There are only a handful of tickets left and this event will sell out so do not delay on grabbing yours if you’ve not done so already.


Behind black shrouds of obscurity and desolation, the men of GAEREA deliver their odes in cascading maelstroms of aggression and beauty. Emerging from the age of pandemic to whatever awaits humanity next, the Portuguese horde remains on the frontlines of the next generation of extreme metal.

With an EP and two albums to their name, GAEREA has rapidly distinguished themselves from the thousands of bands toiling away in the underground. Brewing their cauldron of sound from a recipe of pounding black-metal blast mixed with a touch of harrowed, reflective longing, many devotees of the darkened arts have flocked to their banner. With the emergence of third full-length album Mirage, those numbers are sure to grow.

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Support: TAR

TAR released their critically acclaimed debut album “As If We Were Never Here” just before the pandemic struck the world. With roots from the former band Eldrimner, blended with bold new influences, TAR has created something unique within the metal scene. Listeners can expect to hear progressive riffs mixed with melancholy, all gathered in a gloomy narrative that embraces our human race in this dark atmosphere.

TAR is currently in the studio recording their second full-length album.

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