Great Electric Quest + Saturn – Wednesday 12th June

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The Abyss
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The Abyss - Live Bands - The Great Electric Quest + Saturn - 12th June 2019


San Diego’s finest Hard Rockers Great Electric Quest has been active since 2010. Blending the sound of 70 Hard Rock and Classic Heavy Metal into an intense Space Journey that delivers a loud and colorful vision of Heavy Rock where Judas Priest, Deep Purple, Cactus, Thin Lizzy, Sabbath, Hawkwind, Trouble, Vitus and many other influences shine without sounding obvious or predictable.

Their latest 2018 Album “Chapter II” its a huge step ahead that consolidates the band as leaders of their field and presents a clear-headed vision of classic metal as filtered through a modern West Coast approach to ’70s heavy rock. With production and mixing by Duel guitarist Jeff Henson, engineering by Dan Frick, and mastering by Mos Generator‘s Tony Reed, the San Diego-based four-piece continue to avoid the boogie-rock mindset of which their hometown seems to be the epicenter, and instead distinguish themselves through a harder thrust throughout songs like opener “Seeker of the Flame” and “Anubis” and “Wicked Hands,” ultimately having more in common with Ozzy or Dio solo records than Black Sabbath itself — and more with Judas Priest than any of them — however much groove might lie beneath.

These Heavy Metal Road Warriors gonna make a stop in Göteborg on their European tour the next 12 of June so you can experience what their Sonic Procession is about!!!


Borås Space Heavy Rockers Saturn will open this ceremony with their exquisite Heavy Rock Space Trip.
With two brilliant Albums on their back, released by Rise Above Records. Dual Guitar driven, intense voice melodies and a 70s electric atmosphere makes them the perfect partner in crime for this night!!!

“Saturn are the sound of the past, present and future colliding in a shower of riffs, melodies and otherworldly magic.”

“The Saturn sound is one that declares a sincere and unapologetic debt to the greats of a bygone era, but this is no lazy exercise in retro posturing. Instead, Ascending conjures its own distinctive world of epic grandeur and gritty oomph via the dexterous weaving of ageless, hallowed ingredients and a jolting injection of contemporary exuberance and verve.”

Insläpp: 19:00
Saturn: 20:00
Great Electric Quest: 21:00
Pris: 130 kr + serviceavgift

The Abyss - Live Bands - The Great Electric Quest + Saturn - 12th June 2019