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The Norwegian Black Metal band Mork is the brainchild of Thomas Eriksen, born out of his fascination for Black Metal back in 2004. The band hovered in the shadows all the way until 2013, when it bacame Eriksen’s main focus. Since 2013, Mork has nine releases, including; one demo compilation, two ep’s, two splits and four full length albums. A fifth album is currently in the finishing stages, and will see the light of day as soon as things fall into place. Special-guest appearances on recordings are as follows; Silenoz (Dimmu Borgir), Seidemann (1349), Dolk (Kampfar), Eero Pöyry (Skepticism) and Nocturno Culto (Darkthrone). Peaceville Records is proudly carrying the torch as Mork’s record label and partners. As of today, the band has a full touring line-up and have played throughout the world on both small and larger stages. Mork has gained credibility for it’s pure and well crafted compositions in songs and feel, as well as being energic and tight live act.


The coroner and his army
“The music of Afsky is the opposite of down-to-earth, as the sound of the quartet feels like a massive stormy weather entering the city. You are shrouded by melancholy and sorrow, and you get completely hurt by frontman Ole Luk, who lives so much into the music that he too appears sad. You get sad to hear the Afsky in the right way. Disgust gives way to the feeling one can get in the body when the black dog comes to visit. This is the epitome of black metal for this reviewer ”

– review of Afsky’s concert at Loppen, Christiania (19.09.2019)

Afsky, is Ole Luk’s (also frontman in Solbrud) solo project, which is based on traditional black metal, mixed with elements of folk and doom as well as a mixture of wildness and melancholy.
Afsky saw the light of day back in the fall of 2015, when the first release, an EP of 3 tracks was self-released digitally and later on CD. A couple of month later, a music video single followed, which was later re-released on the EP in a vinyl edition by German Vendetta Records.

Afsky’s first full-length “Sorg” (Grief) was released in 2017 on Vendetta Records as well; where Afsky’s upcoming full-length “Ofte jeg drømmer mig død” (often i dream myself dead) is also released.
Although the band was not initially intended to be a live project, Afsky nevertheless ended up playing concerts throughout Europe and with names such as Endstille, Auda, Moonsorrow, Winterfylleth, etc. . Most recently on the Europe tour in 2019, with Canadian Spectral Wound from Montreal.

With him, Ole Luk has different musicians from the Danish metal scene, and not always the same crew. On drums Martin Haumann (Mother of All, Final Hour, Essence mf), Simon Frenning (Morild), Dennis Stockmar (Hydra), on guitar Simon Skotte (Sunken), Christian Friis (Serpents Lair, Gestapolis), Rasmus Ejlersen (Udånde, Hexis) There have also been guest appearances from eg. Myrkur and Troels Dueholm from Asynje and Huldre.
The upcoming album “Ofte jeg drømmer mig død” is written from a number of old Danish poems and texts by artists such as H.C. Andersen, Jeppe Aakjær and Emil Aarestrup, and can be seen, partly as a tribute, to the Danish lyric and the Danish poets, which Ole Luk so often in his own texts, have been inspired by, in both Afsky and Solbrud.
The record has 6 titles and a playing length of 48 minutes. It is released May 12 through Vendetta Records and has the same day release in Copenhagen with a concert on Alice.cph.

The cover image is H.A. Bredekilde’s painting “Udslidt” (Worn out). The motif of this painting fits well with several of the selected texts for the record, which is precisely about the little man, who must work until he dies, for the highter classes in society.

The record is released on both vinyl, CD and on digital platforms such as Spotify and YouTube.
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