Obnoxious Youth + Zatyr – Thursday 25th July

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The Abyss
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OBNOXIOUS YOUTH (Uppsala/Stockholm/Helsinki)

Right back from their European Tour this maniacs are ready to kick your ass, disturb the graves and make you suck on the Cross!!!!

Over 10 years of a crush, kill, destroy career. With an over accelerated breed of Hardcore Punk energy, Thrash speed and Heavy Metal harmonies. A dark place where The Accused and Thin LIzzy, G.B.H. and Metallica, Venom and Cryptic Slaughter finally jam together for an unholy celebration of demented music.

2017 “Disturbing the Graves” album confirmed that they are one of top bands of the Swedish scene, both for Punk and Metal music, delivering a powerful, varied and ruthless discharge, without sounding generic but fresh and original.

“OBNOXIOUS YOUTH defy logic, genres, order and last but not least, the rules. The result of this bizarre fusion of mad men and twisted minds is a rare mixture of 80ies heavy metal and American hardcore punk. Fans of VENOM, MOTÖRHEAD, ACCÜSED, ADRENALIN OD, SEPTIC DEATH, VOIVOD, METALLICA, POISON IDEA, DISCHARGE, GBH and early SLAYER will feel right at home.”



ZATYR (Alingsås/Göteborg)

“Zatyr was formed in Alingsås during february 2019. It is an organism where the essence of 70s rock, 80s rock, Heavy Metal and Black metal meet and bound in a perfect disharmony!.
The members themselves simply call it ”The Devils Rock n’roll”, which describes exactly what the bands music is!”

Insläpp: 19:00
Zatyr: 20:00
Obnoxious Youth: 21:00
Pris: 140 kr + serviceavgift

Presented in cooperation with Amplified Medborgarskolan