Request night with troubadour Marcus Larbring

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The Abyss
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On Friday we invite the rock troubadour Marcus Larbring who is one of Sweden’s best rock troubadours. We are promised songs from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Marcus’ speciality is request songs. So take the opportunity to wish for your favourite song.

Marcus Larbring!

A showman with a very wide range in his music as in feeling.

Since 2017, Marcus has worked full time with his shows around Sweden. Marcus has played at everything from campsites and pubs, to festivals and larger stages. From Trollhättan to California. He takes requests and plays most things except dance bands and Eddie Meduza. However, he has always been mostly focused on rock and metal.

He has often been referred to as a “rock troubadour” and has a huge number of songs in his head. He also takes requests and plays without paper to better connect with his audience. Marcus performs with acoustic guitar, vocals and bass drum. Everything you hear is live.