Sandstorm + Atonement + Insane – LIVE April 10th

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The Abyss
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Sandstorm was formed in 2017 by Swedish brothers Stevie Whiteless and Reptile Anderson, and Canadian drummer PJ “The Butcher” La Griffe. Inspired by Swedish underground metal, the N.W.O.B.H.M., shining studs and black leather, Sandstorm is the perfect embodiment of what real Heavy Metal is all about! Don’t miss this rare chance to see the mighty Sandstorm perform live on stage.


Insane from Kristinehamn should need to further introduction, as they have been holding the banner of Thrash Metal high for the last 15 years. The latest full length album, “VICTIMS” from 2021, is a total powerhouse and a demonstration of the power and might of Thrash Metal! Expect no mercy as Insane strikes down with full force.


Atonement were dug up from the deepest pits of Stockholm in 2020. Hell-bent on putting death-thrash back in place again, the band gave out a stinking demo tape 2021 that got a good circulation in underground circles. In the fall of 2023 the debut album “SADISTIC INVADERS” came out through Dying Victims Productions, and since then things have started to pick up speed for Atonement. Finally they embark on a European mini tour, and The Abyss will be the first stop!