Tusmørke + Sammal

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The Abyss
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Heaviness is a state of mind and groove is in the heart of darkness. Since the 90s, Oslo-based lovable goofs Tusmørke have explored the sound of the 70s; all the 70s from 70 BC to 2070. That’s a lot. On the paths of underground psychedelic, progressive and groovebased rock, synth and jazz we have developed our Under-World Music. Can you dig freaky, funky explorations of mythology and local history? Then this might be your thing.

Tusmørke have released 10 records and visited Sweden twice, at Electric Moon Fest and Fryk Out.


Debuting in 2013, Sammal has cemented its reputation as one of the leaders of the Finnish neo-progressive and psychedelic scene while also making some waves internationally, performing at the Roadburn Festival in 2015 and bringing in a series of rave reviews from around the world. They have done all this across the span of 5 releases and are signed to Svart Records, who recently released the new album Aika laulaa, continuing their tradition of making some of the best psychedelic music on the planet.