Underground Fire – Live April 27th @ The Abyss

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The Abyss
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The Abyss is proud to present to you Underground Fire!

Underground Fire is a Swedish rock band formed in 2015 in Karlstad by Rob Coffinshaker, also known as the deep barytone singer of The Coffinshakers.

Unlike The Coffinshakers, who since 1995 are known for their eerie mix of horror and country, Underground Fire play rock with influences from punk, goth, power pop and classic rock.

Recorded in Studio Cobra, Stockholm, with Martin ”Konie” Ehrencroona at the helm, debut album ”Ashes of Life” was finally released in the end of 2020 preceded by two digital singles, ”Summer Ends” and ”End of the Night”. The album was followed by a 12” release of ”Passage”.

Ashes of Life is probably among the best you can hear in music in 2020.”

Sweden Rock Magazine

2023 the first song of the forthcoming album was released as a digital single and the album is currently being finished.

Ashes of Life is a highly recommended album for dark-noir punkish folk and country lovers”

Metal Invader

”…if you love a bit of punk with your gothic country, there’s absolutely nothing here that won’t get the juices flowing. Highly recommended”

Sentinel Daily

”The sound of Underground Fire is out of time, retro, yet at the same time current, not to say even futuristic, since it leads us by the hand (and treacherously) towards the end.”