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The Abyss
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The Abyss - Mindless Sinner

Swedish heavy metal royalty, MINDLESS SINNER made a cult name for themselves in the 1980’s with the revered ‘Master Of Evil’ EP and made a somewhat surprising, yet welcome, comeback in 2015 with ‘The New Messiah,’ their first album in 26 years! With a follow up, ‘Poltergeist’ in 2020 they brought us another batch of hard and fast, calssic heavy metal which shines eternal for it’s fans.

It’s a rarity for a band from the 80’s to have the same line-up from the glory days but Mindless Sinner are one such band and their instinctual understanding of one another after playing metal together for over four decades shines through in both their recorded material and their live performances.
The heads will bang and the riffs will reign!

After Mindless Sinner slay the stage, DJ GG and DJ Maidensinner keep the flame alive playing classics and the new wave of British Heavy Metal!