Sabïre (Can/Aus) – Sunday 28th April 2019

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The Abyss
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The Abyss - Sabïre - 28th April 2019

THE ABYSS proudly presents SABÏRE (Can/Aus) + DJ Session with DJ Metalbreaker

With their first EP “Gates Ajar”,released at the end of 2018, Sabïre has captured rapidly the soul of many adepts.
Six brilliant tracks of Acid Metal, Corrosive Rock and roll, Raw Heavy Metal in the vein of old legends such as Tank, W.A.S.P., Diamond Head and Motörhead.

“The guitar’s tone sounds like a drop of acid in the dark. Acidic tone. Sabire’s lyrics no matter the subject, and they are numerous, always have a tinge of biting realism that burns like a drop of acid onto your skin. ACID METAL IS THE SOUND OF TRUE RESISTANCE.” (No Remorse Records)

On this European Intrusion this maniacs will hit Sweden for only two dates (the 28th April At Abyss Gbg and the 30th at Geronimo’s FGT Stockholm)

Dont miss it!

Doors at 19:00 hrs, tickets 100kr at door.


Show will be accompanied with a Lethal Session by DJ Metalbreaker !6!6!6!