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At the Abyss Festival there will be an opportunity for you to get yourself a Tattoo from Ida Morbida Tattoo or Qbic INK – see the details below.


The Abyss Festival - Ida Mobida Tattoo

Ida Morbida Tattoo

Facebook Bookings Accepted Here
Instagram – Please do not send bookings through Instagram

The Abyss Festival - Tattoo Expo - Ida Morbida Tattoo
The Abyss Festival - Ida Morbida Tattoo

Ida is 24 years old, born and currently based in Blekinge, Southern Sweden. A bit over three years ago she started pursuing her life ambition of becoming a tattoo artist.

When Ida just recently finished the apprenticeship she worked her hardest for, great new paths happened to cross ways with many inspiring people that led her to further uplifting opportunities.
Some of them included the possibility to combine her two biggest interests; art and music.

Music and especially the “Extreme metal”-scene being one of her foremost sources of inspiration, is crucial for her creating. So doing her thing in an environment such as The Abyss Festival will be a true pleasure and she is damn excited for it.

She will take bookings for larger custom black n grey tattoos during the 2 festival days.
Message Ida Morbida Tattoo (facebook page) for information about booking and she will reply as soon as she has time! Cheers!

The Abyss Festival - Qbic INK Tattoo

Qbic INK Tattoo


The Abyss Festival - Tattoo Expo - QBic INK

No pre-bookings, just show up by the booth.

The Abyss Festival - Qbic INK - Filip

Filip was born and raised in Gothenburg and has had his pen in his hand since childhood.

In early 2013 he got the taste of the tattooing business and started Qbic Ink in September 2014.

The studio was initially located on Eriksberg and eventually moved to Gamlestaden. Filip works broadly with different styles but prefers realism in both color and Black n Gray.

The Abyss Festival - Qbic INK - Rasmus

Rasmus started his tattoo career as an apprentice at Qbic Ink and has been active for 4 years.

He prefers Old School but also runs a lot of Dot Work and Black Work.